Systems Design & Implementation

Systems Design & Implementation

Our role in what relates to systems design and implementation projects has been mainly concentrated on strategic systems planning, high level process design and work-flows, verifying data conversion integrity, development of reference material, and user training, in addition to project management.

Strategic systems

It is our policy to apply strategic systems planning methodology at the base of information technology projects aiming to establish a clear understanding of the client’s business direction and exiting technology base in order to define the information system requirements at high level and prioritize the implementation.

Packaged systems

The success of information systems implementations, which could be embedded in wider scope business improvement projects, depends on the skills of professionals and robustness and appropriateness of applied methodologies. To this end, we apply a comprehensive and proven generic methodology which breaks down the project complexities into manageable and controllable tasks grouped under the following activities:

  • Planning of design and implementation
  • Installation of hardware and software
  • Configuration and work-flows
  • Development of enhancements
  • Development of reference material
  • Testing
  • Converting data
  • Training
  • Launching operation of new system


  •  Computer audit and diagnostics
  •  Implementation of packaged financial software
  •  Document archiving and retention solutions
  •  Disaster recovery and business continuity solutions
  •  Integrating accounting systems into the ISO 9000 process
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